Curvy Girls Reveal: What I Love About My Body

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Jene Luciani

10 women who empower us to feel great about the skin we’re in 

If you think thin is in, think again. There's a whole movement towards curvy-girl confidence and feeling great about the skin that you're in. While the average size in America is a size 14, most brands and designer are still catering to the size zero set. Until now. Plus-size style blogger Gabi Fresh recently made headlines when she posted pics of herself in a bathing suit that she termed a ‘Fatkini' and got an overwhelming response.

Meanwhile, Devoe Signature Events' Fourth Annual Full Figured Fashion Week™ just wrapped up in New York City, and similar events are popping up around the country in places like New Jersey and LA. It's a chance to highlight clothing styles and trends for fuller-figured women as well as empower women with curves to love their bodies just the way they are. 

We went to 10 women who work in the plus-size fashion industry and asked them ‘what they love about their bodies.' Here's what they had to say! 

Jennifer Myers 

"I love my athletic yet curvy figure. I'm confident with who I am and prove you don't have to be a size 2 to be a healthy woman. If you work at it, you can have a rockin' bod at any size!" - Jennifer Myers, plus-size model 

SallyAnn Thibedeau 

"I love my hour glass figure because it perfectly fills out the vintage style clothing I love to wear. Thanks to my curves, I can dress like Marilyn Monroe every day." -SallyAnn Thibedeau, opera singer and model

Marie DeNee 

"I have learned to embrace my body and shape through my years. I love my curves and shape, but most of all, I love my legs! I like the tone and shape of my thighs!" - Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista 

Maureen McClusky 

"I am so much a split of my two parents-I am tall, curvy, soft, and strong. I am 5'8', love to laugh, have great hair, have beautiful feet, can fill out a bra and a pair of pants. Clothes like me!" - Maureen McClusky, plus-size model and stylist  

Christina Mendez 

"What I love most about my body are my legs. As a New Yorker, I LOVE to walk the city streets. Sometimes I walk for hours and my shapely legs are the product of my hobby." - Christina Mendez, plus-size model 

Sarah, AKA DoubleXL 

"I would say that I love everything about [my body], and I make sure to keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain it like it is since I'm a true believer that heath is wealth." - Sarah aka DoubleXL, blogger, 

Chandler Jade 

"I love my body. I'm happy, healthy and my sexy curves make me feel like a woman!" - Chandler Jade, Curvy Kate lingerie model and finalist in Star in a Bra Contest 

Danielle Line 

"My size does not define my worth. I have built a career around my passion, which is embracing my own unique beauty and healthy size 14 plus-size body." - Danielle Line, plus-size model

Krista Cousins 

"It is rare to find realistic representations of women in the media, especially those of curvier proportions and those of color [like me]. I spread the news that shame is out for those who are curvy and well endowed, it is time to feel sexy and embrace our beauty!" - Krista Cousins, Curvy Kate lingerie model and finalist in Star in a Bra Contest  

Dee Dee Johnson 

"I love how my curves fill out my suits in the courtroom as well as my bathing suit on the beach!" - Dee Dee Johnson, model and private detective