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We want you to wear our lingerie and feel beautiful, empowered and badass.

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What We're About

This company strives to be a love letter to you and your body.

Sydney is the combined confidence, creativity and bold individuality of every woman we’ve ever known, read about and dreamed about. We believe how the fabric feels on your skin, how the straps move with the strength of your stride, how the cups carry your graceand how connected you feel to your body and to others – matter.

The SYDNEY Movement

SYDNEY is more than just the products we offer. It is about inspiring women around the world to celebrate their one life and to love every part of themselves. We call this mindset #SYDNEYOneLife. It is our mission to share this mindset with every woman across the globe. And we couldn't be more excited to hear how our mission is resonating:

"It's so meaningful to see in a brand everything that I want to see in myself: confidence, beauty, strength. SYDNEY reminds me everyday to celebrate my life, and it's a promise that I will keep making to myself." SYDNEY is just getting started, and we're thrilled to have so many incredible women join our movement.

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We're a woman-owned, woman-operated company.