Spotlight on: Bellabombshel

Bellabombshel is a plus-size model and actress based in NYC. 
1. What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence, to me, means being proud to be who I am - mind, body and soul - and sharing that with the world!

2. What is your relationship to lingerie?

Lingerie is my favorite thing; I probably have too large of a collection, but I enjoy it so much. I always felt more comfortable in front of a camera modeling lingerie than actual clothes! I also enjoy seeing photos of other women enjoying their lingerie and showcasing the body they have confidently and proudly. I think it's truly a beautiful thing. 

3. Do you find that wearing lingerie impacts your body confidence in any way?

Lingerie makes me feel great when I have the right size that fits me. When I have a sexy piece that accentuates my curves in all the right spots I can feel extremely powerful, feminine and beautiful in my body.

4. What makes you feel your sexiest?

Personally, I feel sexiest when I’m all done up. I like to spend time doing my hair and makeup all glam and then put on a fresh new outfit or piece of lingerie. It's all a part of the seduction, the prep time.

5. What is missing from the lingerie market? 

I would like to see the same styles made for all sizes. I sometimes see the plus version altered when I don't think the retailer should assume we want to be more covered up. It is okay for us to wear the same exact piece alongside my straight size gals. I also want to see more and more sizes - especially cute, fun ones - for extra large busts and truly accommodate more bodies. I would love to see more high-fashion, glamorous ads featuring plus women in lingerie and not just the bare-bones style that is becoming popular lately. I think plus models also deserve editorial glam team spreads and looks. 

6. Do you see yourself reflected and represented in fashion? 

I think we have come leaps and bounds in the fashion industry and, while I am grateful for that, there is still a long way to go. I am very fortunate at a size 14/16 to see models that look like me, and I can shop a variety of fashion options that cater to my body type. I am very aware this is a privilege that not everyone has, so this still needs to change. Self-proclaimed “size-inclusive” brands need to include above a size 20 to be able to  claim that title. I also think we are lacking in mainstream representation when it comes to size, gender, race, physical ability and age.