Spotlight on: P.S. Kaguya

P.S. Kaguya is a plus-size model and sex-positive influencer based in NYC. She describes herself as "forever fighting and aiming for inclusiveness in the modeling world, not only as a model but as a first-generation Korean American." Below, Kaguya discusses self-confidence, lingerie and inclusivity in the modeling industry. 
  1. What does confidence mean to you?
    Feeling good in my skin and feeling like I can take over the world!

  2. What is your relationship to lingerie?
    In the beginning, I found it more as a device to just cover and hold things in, hoping for it to be functional; but now, as I have grown to love my body, I see it as an extension of me. I incorporate lingerie in the bedroom, but I also combine it with everyday looks where I can feel sexy and cute with just a pair of jeans.
  3. Do you find lingerie affects your body confidence in any way?
    Definitely! Everyone wears lingerie for different reasons, but comfort is the absolute most important to me. If I find that a lingerie piece doesn't fit or sit right on my body - no matter how sexy it may look - that's a "no" for me.

  4. What makes you feel sexiest?
    When I have a matching lingerie set underneath my clothes ;)

  5. What is missing from the lingerie market? 
    More extensive sizing and being able to have the same styles and designs available for bodies that are bigger than a size 12-14.

  6. Do you see yourself reflected and represented in fashion? 
    Yes and no. As I have been in the industry for 6 years, behind the camera and now in front, I've definitely seen the progression of the fashion industry and brands wanting to be more inclusive for marketing purposes. But I feel there is still a lot that needs to be done. I don't really see girls of my background and body shape with imperfect stretch marks and tattoos with alternative styling. I find that if I don't see what I want to see, then it's my own duty to show it off myself. Fashion should always be forward no matter how many times it has been recycled, and it should always have new perspectives.